Caldera Publishing Solutions provides strategic and business consulting for publishers of all types, with a special emphasis on scholarly and academic publishers.

Our unique approach blends long-term horizons with short-term tactics, and everything in-between, to ensure there is a path that respects reality and is both immediately actionable and sustainable over time.

From organizational strategy to contract negotiations to marketing tactics to new product development to new revenue sources, we can help move your organization forward. We are happy to take on projects large or small, and have the range of skills and experience to get a lot done in fairly short order.

Wondering where to start? Marketing is a major for many publishers, so you could also start with a Marketing Assessment Evaluation, a systematic evaluation of the individual components that drive marketing success. In just 30 days, we provide clear recommendations for improving your marketing programs, including efficiency of spend, brand positioning, and market engagement. 

The often overlooked need for Editorial Development is another place to start. Content is still king, despite multiple attempts at a coup, and our experience developing, supporting, and refining editorial products sets us apart in the consulting space. We work with professional, academic, technical, and line editors alike. Whether you’re starting a new editorial initiative or improving a current publication, we can help.

If you'd like to learn more, please let us know by email:

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