Why Caldera?

Since announcing Caldera Publishing Solutions, a number of friends and colleagues have asked why I chose the name "caldera."

I was born in Colorado and grew up in the Rocky Mountains, in a family with many generations involved in building and preserving Yellowstone National Park. As part of this tradition, I spent a week or more each year visiting the park, and have maintained the tradition for my own family.

One of the most interesting features of Yellowstone -- in fact, the feature that largely makes the park so distinctive -- is the caldera beneath it. This remnant of an ancient volcano still simmers, with geyser basins, mud pots, and heated prismatic pools as evidence.

So, when I was thinking of a name for my consulting firm, I hearkened back to this image of a long-standing reservoir of power, tapped sporadically and unpredictably, ultimately settling on the image of Old Faithful, the most predictable geyser in the park.

To me, the caldera represents a reserve of potential and power, which most organizations possess. My goal with Caldera Publishing Solutions is to help tap into that reserve for the long-term. Old Faithful has been attracting crowds for well over a century. It is a feature of the caldera. As the landscape shifts, however, new features are emerging, and we have to be ready.

It's not a perfect image, but to me, it's inspiring and personal. It brings my family's story to the present day. Taming the caldera is impossible, but benefiting from its power and features is certainly within our ability.