Do You Know Your Risk Profile?

The concept of "risk" has been one of the most useful abstractions for organizations everywhere. It captures uncertainties, changes in fortune or competitive sets, macroeconomics, and organizational preparedness. The concept of risk management originated in the 1960s with a Canadian Rhodes scholar, Doug Barlow, who asserted that "all management is risk management."

A decade ago, the risks around digital transformations may have been the top of the list. After the Great Recession of 2008 and the austerity measures that followed, economic growth has become a challenge.

Today, the risks have morphed yet again.

No matter what kind of organization you're in or run, risks accumulate from a number of sources -- financial, strategic, personnel, competitive, technology, governance, and product development. Looking across these effectively requires a clear view, as some risks can become so familiar otherwise that they no longer register.

Crafting a risk assessment is a high-yield way to understand the risks an organization is facing at a particular point in time. Commissioning an independent assessment that includes mitigation strategies can move an organization forward in important ways, and is often a stepping stone toward a strategic refresh.

That's why we're pleased to announce our Risk Assessment and Mitigation Plan package.

Risk assessments can deliver great results for executive leadership, senior management, and line managers. Risk assessments capture known risks while unearthing hidden or poorly articulated risks. Tying the assessment to a mitigation plan moves the assessment into a proactive mode, so that leadership can grapple effectively with risks like customer concentration, new competitors, missed opportunities, technology gaps, management misalignments, product inadequacies, or skills gaps.

For a fixed price, we'll dig in and deliver within 30 days an insightful and useful risk assessment and mitigation plan. Consisting of brief interviews with senior management, reviews of relevant documents and reports, and comparisons to cognate organization, our approach can kickstart important strategic and tactical discussions for your organization.

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