Trump University Legacy: The Journal of Narcissism Studies

Even after the media’s obsession with the $25 million settlement over fraudulent claims by Trump University, a lesser known initiative of the school continues, and is actually thriving — the journal started three years ago, at the school’s peak of enrollment, The Journal of Narcissism Studies. 

Marketed as “See Yourself Published,” and with a web site that automatically turns on users' laptop cameras and features their faces in a special box on the home page only visible to them, the journal boasts an editorial board of Guy Fiere, three Kardashians, Paris Hilton, Perez Hilton, Piers Morgan, and Ryan Seacrest. The editor-in-chief is credited only as K West, ironically not identifying herself or himself in a journal studying boundless ego and self-regard.

With an impact factor not yet determined but described on the journal's site as “fabulous,” the journal is published whenever there is a drop in the self-esteem of any of the editors, who guard their backlog of papers jealously to ensure even the worst day won’t be a total loss.

West responded to email inquiries with the following statement:

“Our editorial board is as attuned to the need for praise, recognition, and validation as any academic. That’s what makes this the perfect marriage of topic and audience. We know that if we feel lonely, undervalued, or inadequately photographed, our authors and readers likely feel the same way. So, we publish a paper, making ourselves happy and some authors and their mothers happy, too.”

Recent papers include titles such as, “Mirrors — Friends or Foes Over Time and Cultures” and “Am I Good Looking? An Analysis of Reactions Caught in My Peripheral Vision on Tuesday.”

Submissions are still welcomed, with the editors assuring authors that rejection is really more of a “it’s not you, it’s me” thing.